Horizontal & Directional Drilling

Horizontal & Directional Drilling
Program Objectives
The course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to Horizontal drilling Theory and practice. Delegates are taught the benefits of directional / horizontal drilling and common methods adapted to design, drill, survey and monitor highly deviated wells. This course can be adapted to customer needs. The course is very informative and educational It meets industry standards with regards to drilling practices.

Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Well Profile
  • Horizontal Drilling Applications
  • Horizontal Well Planning
  • Well Profile
  • Drill string, BHA Selection & Design
  • Rotate/Non Rotate Assemblies
  • Downhole logging
  • Wire Line Logging
  • Measurements while Drilling
  • Data Interpretation
  • Horizontal hole Cementing & Completion.
  • Directional Surveying
  • Formation Evaluation
Program is design for:
Program duration:
Five (5) days.


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