Fishing Tools & Fishing Operation

Fishing Tools & Fishing Operation
Program Objectives
Fishing Course is not a schedule neither a shelf Course.
It is specially designed and tailored for gulf operating companies to discuss fishing techniques and reduce the cost involved, discussing SP incidents that take place at field and proposing solutions.
This course meets the needs of rig crow & helps them recognizing fishing tools and fishing techniques. It can be combined with Stuck Pipe Prevention Course.

Course Outline
  • Introduction to fishing
  • Basics of BHA calculations
  • Drill string failures
  • Pipe recovery systems
  • External catch tools
  • Internally catch tools
  • Special tools
  • Wash over operations
  • Jars and jarring operations
  • Fishing assemblies
Program is design for:
Program duration:
Two (2) or Three (3) days including the exam day.


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