MD Message



It’s my true pleasure to welcome you all on behalf of the International Petroleum Center, one of the modern and leading professional institute dedicated towards quality education and training in oil and gas industry, drilling, well control, stuck pipe, management and health and safety trainings. The institute was established in 1990 with clear mission is to foster high value training programs to delegates to enrich their career in order to facilitate industry leading professionals.

Drilling (Engineering) Diploma course is ongoing since 2014 at our College in Pakistan. We are approaching higher education authorities in order to validate the diploma and subsequently offer graduates an opportunity to continue their studies at any technical government university to achieve a BSc. Eng. degree.

The primary objective of the drilling (Engineering) School, however, is to equip HND Hands on National Diploma level technicians with skills that will enable them to fill many technical positions that exist in the Oil and Gas Industry worldwide.

With standard Rig running at full capacity at the collage, our diploma graduates, will receive a competence based vocational training, including demonstration of rig operations at the sim-well. After completing this vocational training, graduates will be ready to immediately contribute to the industry with knowledge and experience equivalent to 10 years of working in the field. We are eager to secure work places for approximately 25 students per year in prominent companies in Pakistan.

As stated above; a part of the diploma course will involve exposure to daily operations in the industry. We anticipate that the industry exposure will last 10 weeks and take place from approximately mid-May until end of August. In line with the competence-based learning nature of diploma, the work experience will also be independently assessed to standards that are agreed between the college and the participating companies.

We would be pleased to learn that you are prepared to support this vital training initiative in order to help and develop Pakistani nationals, which will ultimately result in them being selected for positions in industry on the base of merit.

We would also like to learn whether you would be prepared to sponsor, fully or in
Yours sincerely,

Mustafa Eideh